We believe that there is no finer gift than the gift of nature.

A team of dedicated yogis, we know from experience the healing power of the natural world to restore and reinvigorate body, mind and soul. We believe that everybody should be able to access these benefits.
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The artisan soap brand

UK-based Belle Regali naturale offers a diverse range of natural aromatherapy and wellbeing products, including everything from artisan soap, soap rest and a travel soap box to an aromatherapy candle and 100% eco soy wax melts.

Luxury gift boxes

Crafted from exceptional ingredients and materials like coconut coir and bamboo that are kind to the planet, body, and mind, each item epitomises the exquisite beauty of nature and the artisan process. Handmade artisan soap, a wooden soap dish handcrafted and carved from retired olive trees, stunning hand-poured ceramic candles, and a stylish, functional wax melts burner sit alongside a luxurious scented candles gift set.

Stylish yoga accessories

Featuring the best yoga products, including a stylish and practical eco canvas yoga mat tote bag, a versatile classic yoga belt, and a stunning pure linen fragrant eye pillow, this unique selection caters to seasoned yogis seeking their next accessory or individuals searching for a unique and beautiful wellbeing gift.

Handmade soap gift sets

With an ethos rooted in respecting the planet and our bodies, the extensive collection of artisan soap and more offers a multitude of 100% vegan, toxin-free, eco-friendly skincare and lifestyle options to empower you to restore, rebalance, relax and thrive. Ethical, sustainable, and cruelty-free, every element has been carefully considered and curated to offer the best options for conscious consumers and those committed to personal wellness and environmental responsibility.

Indulge yourself or a loved one in a splendid celebration of some of nature’s most exquisite treasures.

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