We hope that you enjoy your aromatherapy candle as much as we enjoy making them. We want you to have the safest experience possible, so we’ve put together some safety information plus a few candle tlc tips …


The Pre-Light.

Before lighting your candle, please ensure that it is located in a well-ventilated room, placed on a level surface and away from any drafts, fans and anything that is flammable.


The First Burn.

The most important part of lighting a candle is the very first burn. Initially, depending on the diameter of the candle jar, a candle should burn for at least two hours and no more than four. This enables the wax to melt evenly, creating a liquified pool that reaches the edges of the container. Wax has a memory, and this initial full pool will enable subsequent burns to be slow and even. We suggest that you burn our candles for the full four hours initially and never leave a lit candle unattended.


The Snuff.

Always extinguish your candle flame with a candle snuffer. Do not blow the flame out as it can cause the wick to move, and ash/ debris to fall into the wax.  Do not use your fingers to extinguish the flame, the hottest part of a candle flame reaches 1400 degrees C.


The Trim.

We use self-trimming cotton wicks in our candles, however we still suggest that you trim the wick to 4 to 5mm using a wick trimmer.  Trimming will remove any remaining ash from the previous burn ensuring that you continue with a clean, slow burn. It will also help to increase the aroma of the candle, which we like to call the ‘hot throw’. Always allow the candle to cool and reset completely prior to trimming.


The Relight.

We recommend that subsequent burns should be for a period of two hours, no more and no less. Burning for less can cause tunnelling which is when the wax melts only in the centre of the candle and doesn’t pool, leaving wax around the sides of the candle jar. Burning for more than two hours can cause movement of the wick, resulting in subsequent uneven burns.


The Store.

Once you have completely extinguished your candle, replace the ceramic candle lid and allow the candle to cool down and harden. This will not only protect your candle from any debris or dust falling into the cooling wax, but it will also help to retain the intensity in aroma of the pure essential oils blend.


The Soot.

As our candle jar is white, when the candle burns down sometimes you may see some pale grey soot appear on the inside of the jar. This is in no way harmful or toxic so don’t be alarmed, it’s from the short burst of white smoke when you extinguish the flame. When the candle is completely cool and set, a quick wipe with a dry cloth or tissue should remove it.


The End.

Never allow your candle to burn out, always stop burning your candle when you see approximately 10mm of wax remaining.  Once the candle has cooled down, simply remove the remaining wax from the jar, wash with warm soapy water and reuse the ceramic jar and lid however you please! Please do tag us on social media and let us see how it lives on in your home.


The Tips.

Never move a lit candle; we perform power burns to ensure the ceramic jars are safe enough to take the heat of the candles, they are but as with all candles, the containers get very hot. Movement may cause burning or wax spillage.

Always place on a flat level surface whilst burning.

Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Always leave approximately 10cm between burning candles.

Always keep the wax of your candle debris free as it can act as a second wick and cause a mini fire on the candle wax.

Never touch the flame of a candle, it is fire, it burns.

If the wick moves slightly and becomes a little off centre, when the flame has been extinguished using a candle wick dipper (or a cocktail stick if you don’t have one to hand), simply move the wick back into a straight position and it will help it to set correctly prior to the next burn.