A mineral rich mix of 100% natural bath salts infused with pure essential oils. Aromatic and therapeutic, each blend has been carefully created to imbue its efficacious qualities.

Dead Sea Salt

Known as the saltiest sea salt, Dead Sea Salt is brimming with natural minerals such as magnesium, bromide, calcium and potassium. It provides incredible hydration for the skin as well as exfoliating, detoxifying and cleansing. A wonderful salt to help relax and unwind; its anti-inflammatory properties aid in soothing aching muscles and joints, as well as promoting a better sleep.
INCI: Maris Sal

Epsom Salt

These wonderful therapeutic salts have been used for centuries, and are said to have been discovered in natural springs in the town of Epsom, UK, hence the name. Magnesium and sulfate rich, these salts are said to help alleviate stress, muscular soreness, joint aches and pains, inflammation, as well as detoxing and relaxing the mind and body.
INCI: Magnesium Sulfate

Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt

Harvested from the pacific ocean, this sea salt is infused with activated charcoal that is derived from coconut shells. It has a distinctive and rather striking black colour due to the charcoal content, and contains both detoxifying and purifying qualities.
INCI: Sodium Chloride

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

Produced in Pakistan, these salts are primarily located at the Himalayan foothills of the Punjab Province. Naturally loaded with more than 84 minerals, including magnesium, potassium and calcium, its pink hue is due to the amount of trace minerals it contains, basically the stronger the colour the higher the iron content. With many natural skin benefits to be had such as exfoliation, detoxifying and cleansing, this rock salt also offers total relaxation and calm. Perfect for a home spa!
INCI: Sodium Chloride

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