Are your products free from animal derivatives?
Yes, we use only plant based ingredients. We do not use any animal derived ingredients such as tallow, lard, honey and milk.

Are your products or ingredients tested on animals?
Absolutely not, we would never test on animals. The ingredient suppliers we work with never use animal testing for any of their products.

Are your products Vegan friendly?
Yes, all of our products are Vegan friendly.

Do your products contain fragrance oils?
No, we don’t use synthetic fragrances we use 100% pure essential oils. Why? Because not only do essential oils smell divine, we are qualified in essential oils and aromatherapy and like to work on our own blends to provide the most wonderful scents and therapeutic benefits. Please check out the essential oils we use here.

Do you use Palm Oil?
No, we will never use palm oil, or ingredients derived from palm oil, in any of our products. We prefer to use alternative natural oils, butters and wax to create our aromatherapy products. Please check out the oils and butters we use here, and wax here.

Are your products suitable for those with nut allergies?
We don’t use any nut butters or oils in any of our product formulations, however we would suggest to always check the ingredients listed prior to purchase. Please note that the ingredients we use may be produced in an environment where nut ingredients may be used. If you have any queries please do contact us here.

Are your soaps suitable for the face?
Our soaps are very mild due to the production and curing process, and are produced for the hands and body. Facial tissue tends to be a lot thinner and more delicate, so the PH balance of a facial soap will differ from that of a hand and body soap. We know that some people do choose to use soaps on their face, so it’s entirely your choice if you wish to use our soap in this way.

How safe are your products?
We would like to assure you that every single aromatherapy product we make and sell is 100% safe. We are fully compliant with the EU Cosmetic Regulations (EC) No 1223/2009, for each skincare product we hold a Cosmetic Product Safety Report. This means that each product formulation has been individually assessed and tested by a Chartered Chemist to ensure that the products we make and sell are safe. All of our candles and wax products are rigorously tested and compliant with CLP regulation 1272/2008/EC.

Can we find your products in stores?
Not at the moment, our products are only available from our online store.

Can I become a stockist?
Of course, we would love to hear from you. If you are interested in becoming a stockist, please email us here and tell us a little bit about your business. We will aim get back to you within 48 hours.

Do you ship outside of the UK?
It depends on the country. Please see our shipping policy for further information.

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