We believe that there is no finer gift than the gift of nature.

A team of dedicated yogis, we know from experience the healing power of the natural world to restore and reinvigorate body, mind and soul. We believe that everybody should be able to experience these benefits.

Belinda, our founder has spent many hours training and qualifying in aromatherapy and the ancient art of soap and candle making. She understands how to harness the natural efficacy of essential oils while respecting Mother Earth. Through a range of high-quality artisan products, Belinda and the team are passionate about passing this knowledge onto you.

Our love and respect for nature is at the core of a very carefully curated list of products and experiences. From the boutique yoga retreats that we will offer soon, to the exceptional ingredients that we use; we want to empower you to restore, rebalance and thrive.

In celebration of nature’s finest gift, Welcome and Namaste.