Respecting the planet and respecting our bodies is a fundamental part of everything we do and everything we make.  We believe in …

We respect nature’s gifts.  All Belle Regali naturale products are kind to the planet and kind to the skin.  From our waxes, butters and oils to our blends, colours and botanicals we only use 100% natural ingredients.

We believe that everything we inhale or apply to our skin should be free from toxins and artificial ingredients.  This is the reason we exist and why we are so passionate about creating high-quality natural products for you.

We source and select as ethically as possible.  We know exactly where each element of each product originates from.  We guarantee that we will never use palm oil, or any ingredients or packaging that is harmful to the environment or the planet.

Cruelty free
We are against animal cruelty so we never use any ingredients that would cause harm or suffering to any animal or living creature.  We do not test or believe in testing on animals and neither do the suppliers that we work with.

We do not use any ingredients that are derived from animals.  All of our products are 100% vegan friendly.

Plastic Free
We are plastic free where possible.  All of our packaging is fully recyclable; we use acid free tissue paper and compostable labels.  All of our soaps and products are packaged in eco-friendly card, using eco-friendly glue.  To ship we use recyclable boxes, recyclable mailing bags and paper tape.  As a company we choose to avoid the use of single use plastic where we can.

We are not about greenwashing. We will always be honest and transparent about what goes into making each of our products.  We clearly list our ingredients so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing.  We will happily answer any questions that you may have about our products, or you can hop over to our ingredients page to learn more.

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